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We hereby present you with our products and services lineup. At BigWallet we continually strive to improve and enhance our offering in order to meet the growing needs of our clientbase. Our team works tirelessly to create solutions that solve both individual and industry-wide problems.

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Merchant Account

Do you have an online shop and wish to accept debit and credit card payments from anywhere in the world? A BigWallet merchant account will allow you exactly that.

We offer services and support to all merchants, that ease the process of receiving online payments from customers. Bigwallet’s partnerships with reputable acquiring banks, our easy payment gateway and robust reporting tools will help you setup and start receiving payments in no time.

Additionally, our competitive rates and proprietary technology guarantee to process transactions swiftly and in a cost-efficient way. Contact us today and a dedicated agent will assist you in setting up a BigWallet merchant account suitable for your needs.

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Global Acquiring

European merchants need to look no further. Bigwallet has the experience, partnerships and technology to offer any merchant with solid platform to accept and manage international Visa and MasterCard payments along with multiple alternative payment methods. We offer merchant account setup with a unique MID and a proprietary payment gateway that is both extremely user friendly and granular when it comes to reporting. Bigwallet’s dedicated team works hand in hand with merchants across the EEA to offer a robust, efficient and quick system for merchant onboarding, processing and settlement of funds.


When it comes to payouts, three things matter the most: speed, safety and choice. BigWallet offers a multitude of ways to pay out partners, customers, vendors and freelancers. The main objective of our payout system is the convenient and fast settlement of money transfers without compromising the security of sensitive information or funds at any point during the process.

Visa Direct

Settle online transactions instantly without any hassle or delays, empowering your customers to control their payments.


Instant Credit Transfer is a real-time interbank money transfer service for payments in euros. There are 1,000 payment service providers participating in this scheme across 12 countries within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). This gives you access and opens doors to a big pool of potential customers.


The SWIFT international payment network is one of the largest financial messaging systems in the world. It supports cross-border transactions and instant payments within the eurozone, allowing instant payments to be made in Europe.

Amongst the three payment above solutions, we also cater for mastercard, Amex, UnionPay, Paypal and over 60 renowned payment solutions tailored to your business

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