UAB „Silvergate LT“ (“the Company”) aims to provide a high standard of care in all services. This Complaint Handling Procedure is designed to ensure that the concerns of individual members of the public are treated seriously and are addressed promptly and fairly. Feedback is always welcome, whether positive or negative, to enable service improvement. The purpose of this procedure is to set out our process for addressing complaints submitted by natural person who has registered in our system and created an account.

Contacting Us

You can submit a complaint by post or e-mail, specifying your name, contact details, relevant information, which would indicate why you reasonably believe that we violated your legal rights and interests while providing the services.

You can add other available evidence that justifies the need for such a complaint. If you would like to submit a formal complaint, you must send the email to us at [email protected]

Upon receipt of a complaint we will confirm receipt of the complaint and indicate the time limit within which the reply will be submitted. In each case, the deadline for submitting a reply may vary as it directly depends on the extent and complexity of the complaint filed, but we will make the maximum effort to provide the response to you within the shortest possible time, but not later than 15 (fifteen) Business Days.

In case if we are not able to provide the final answer within 15 (fifteen) Business Days, we will inform you about that and indicate the time when the answer will be provided, however the term shall not be longer than 35 (thirty-five) Business Days. The complaints submitted by you are solved free of charge.

We have a right to refrain from handling of anonymous Complaints.

Dispute resolution

You have the right to apply to the Bank of Lithuania for the settlement of a dispute with us, which is an alternative dispute resolution institution between financial service providers and customers in accordance with the following terms and procedures:

  • before applying to the Bank of Lithuania for dispute settlement, you must apply to us, specifying the circumstances of the dispute and your claim. You must apply to us no later than within 3 months from the day when you became aware of possible violation of your rights;
  • in the event where our reply does not satisfy you or you have not received our reply within the terms specified above, you will have the right to apply to the Bank of Lithuania for the dispute settlement within 1 year after we have been contacted. Upon expiration of this term, you will lose the right to apply to the Bank of Lithuania for the same dispute;
  • You may apply to the Bank of Lithuania for a dispute with us:

More information on the dispute settlement procedure is available on the website of the Bank of Lithuania: https://www.lb.lt/en/dbc-settle-a-dispute-with-a-financial-service-provider.

Dealing with complaints

When you consider that we have violated the legislation regulating the financial market, you have the right to file a complaint with the Bank of Lithuania regarding possible violations of financial market legislation.

Your complaint to the Bank of Lithuania may be submitted in writing or electronically:

  • at the address: Totorių g. 4, LT-01121, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania or Žalgirio g. 90, LT-09303, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania;
  • sending a complaint by e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected];
  • sending by fax (8 5) 268 0038;
  • filling in an electronic link in the designated section of the Bank of Lithuania website;
  • by other means specified by the Bank of Lithuania.

In case if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiations, disputes may be solved in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure set forth by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Learning from complaints

Senior management will review the information gathered from complaints regularly and consider whether and how our services could be improved or internal policies and procedures updated.

Maintaining confidentiality

Confidentiality is treated seriously in complaints handling. We will always bear in mind legal requirements, for example, data protection legislation, as well as internal policies on confidentiality and the use of customers’ information.